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National DMV Appreciation Month was created by Donate Life America to thank DMVs and recognize the vital role DMV and Driver License Partners (DLPs) play in helping save and heal lives. DMV staff are front-line champions, committed to asking the donor registration question to customers every day. National DMV Appreciation Month is a time for the Donate Life Community to say thank you and show its appreciation of DMV partners across the country for their dedication to the Donate Life mission.

To offer more time for recognition and support of our DMV partners, and with support from the community, DLA is officially extending National DMV Appreciation Week to September as National DMV Appreciation Month.

For assistance with selecting items for your special event or if your looking for something you don't see on the site, please contact Robb Anderson, [email protected], and Melissa Nevola, [email protected].

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DMV Appreciation Keychain

From $5.75

No Touch Keychain

From $4.96

DMV Appreciation Crispy Treat

Individual Rice Crispy Treat
From $1.99

DMV Appreciation Gummy Bears

From $1.32